Are you ready to have an extraordinary fitness experience?


We are inviting you to join our FIT&PROUD Show at a special location in London.
HIIT, functional training, dance, yoga and deepWORK all blended together harmoniously in a spectacular show. 
We are going to bring you the experience of a music festival with an incredible light show, the story of a theatre play and the uplifting feeling of your favourite workout routines.
We guarantee that after this 2-hour show you are going to feel strong, happy and really proud of yourself.


We see every day that despite the increasing number of signature classes, boutique gyms and available fitness advice, most of us still think about training as a “have to do” activity.

We would like to change this, and make you enjoy moving your body again, like you did it when you were a child when it was pure fun.

To be able to do this we have designed a show for you that:

  • creates balance between intense fitness training, yoga and relaxation;
  • put you in the “flow” like being in your favourite musician’s live concert;
  • entertains you like a Broadway show, so you can have a great workout without even realising that you just did 20 push-ups.




The man with a (not so) perfect British accent who envisioned this event.



Graceful moves and heartful teaching, she is the Yin to our Yang team.


HIIT the beast

Gorgeous and always smiley, but don't let the looks fool you, she is the energy bomb of the team.

Antonia Johnston - Flowetic



Following her is like dancing on the clouds. Don't be surprised if you get carried away by her lovely moves.


Functional Warrior

A really kind guy, but just take a closer look at the size of his arms and get prepare for those push-ups.


What could be a better place to have a unique workout, with amazing sound and timecoded light show, than a prominent night club in London?

Just imagine being in the middle of the venue, surrounded by many happy faces, feeling every little beat of the music in your chest, watching the beautifully choreographed lights, and of course doing probably the most entertaining workout you have ever done.

We are very excited to see you there and share this experience with you.

Please note that due to the capacity of the venue we have limited tickets available.


We recommend bringing your own yoga mat with you. However there will be a limited number of mats from our partners to purchase on the day.

There is a water fountain that you can use, and you can also buy water from front of house.

Your favourite yoga mat, a towel and your training gear of course. If you don’t own a mat don’t worry, we will have some available to purchase on the day.

Absolutely. We work with top level presenters who always offer alternatives and variations for every exercise. You will have one of your best fitness sessions, on whatever level you are at the moment.

It really depends on your condition. If you can squat, twist and do push-ups, then you will be just fine. However, be smart and reasonable. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

There are showers in both changing rooms as well as hair dryers and straighteners.

However, please note that the changing rooms are quite small (3-4 people at a time), therefore if you can, try to come in training gear already, and don’t forget to bring some warmer clothes for after the session.

During the event there won’t be cloakroom service, but we will have an isolated area in the main room for your bags. We recommend you keeping your valuables with you at all times.

Unfortunately, we can’t take responsibility for any loss or accidental damage of your valuables.

We will keep you updated with regards to the details.

Due to the style of the show (loud music, intense light show and demanding exercises) we don’t recommend this event to pregnant ladies, those who have high blood pressure, epilepsy or other relevant medical conditions.


Be Powerful, Relaxed, Original, Unstoppable and Dynamic... be FIT&PROUD!